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2 Michelin Stars:

Restaurant FACIL – an oasis of culinary extravagance

The "ease of being" stands at the heart of the restaurant FACIL's philosophy. It is a philosophy that will quite literally melt on your tongue. At the 2-Michelin-Star restaurant FACIL at The Mandala Hotel in Berlin you will enjoy culinary masterpieces. Extraordinary combinations of spices and fresh ingredients create brand new aromas and sensations of flavour. It is here at Restaurant FACIL that classic dishes are interpreted anew. Enjoy unpretentious compositions of taste with an apparent air of plain-ness that are nevertheless comprised of an unexpected elegance.

Opening hours
Noon: Monday to Friday from 12 noon
Evening: Monday to Friday from 7 pm

Holidays / Closing times
10 April 2023 - Easter Monday
01 May 2023
29 May 2023 - Whit Monday
15 July - 06 August - Summer Break
21 - 24 December - Pre-Christmas Period

Mackerel, acute dock, cucumber and macadamia nut

Award-winning cuisine

The high quality of the ingredients, the creativity in the preparation, as well as the exquisite taste and presentation of the dishes were the main reasons for winning the awards. Head chef Michael Kempf, Chef of the year in 2014 and the entire restaurant team will surely win you over with a culinary experience of a lifetime.

Forest, Jerusalem artichoke, quince, berries and herbs

Dinner on the rooftop terrace

Enjoy your dinner out in the open air

The "lightness of being" is at the heart of the philosophy of the FACIL restaurant. Feel it in the flesh and let the lightness of being melt on your tongue. In the 2-star restaurant FACIL in The Mandala Hotel Berlin you can enjoy culinary masterpieces. Special spices and combinations of ingredients create extraordinary aromas, and classic dishes are reinterpreted here. We tickle your taste buds with apparent simplicity and highest refinement at the same time.