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Lie down in the Iyashi Dôme, the unique detoxification and cleansing couch in the ONO Spa in Berlin-Mitte. The ONO Spa in Berlin-Mitte is the only place in Germany where you can experience this popular Japanese technology. By heating up the body, toxins and harmful substances are flushed out through intense sweating. It stimulates the metabolism, strengthens the immune system, shapes the silhouette, relaxes muscles and joints. Through the healing effect and the liberation of poisons, the body can regenerate and rejuvenate the skin. This is always a popular choice for many guests of the ONO Spa. Treat your body and mind to an individual time-out: at the ONO Spa of The Mandala Hotel Berlin-Mitte.

Find light in the ONO Spa on the 11th floor

Iyashi Dome

Detoxification with infra-red light

from 68 Euro (single application)

12 card 695 Euro

24 card 1060 Euro

 30 minutes

By heating the organs, tissue, muscles and skin in a deeply detoxifying infrared dome, an intensive perspiration of the body occures and waste products and toxins are released resulting in a healing effect. The metabolism will be stimulated, immune system strengthened, the form shaped, muscles and joints are relaxed allowing the body to regenerate and rejuvenate.

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