Uta Pippig - Personal Running Trainer

Let Uta Pippig, one of the most successful runners of all time, guide you to your personal goals.

A 2-time Olympian, she has won the Berlin and Boston Marathon three times each, ran two world records, and is ever since a dedicated ambassador for the sport of running.

After her athletic career, Uta Pippig began working as a motivational coach, columnist, and meditation teacher. She is founder and president of her Take The Magic Step Foundation - supporting children and adults to stay fit and healthy.

Uta Pippig is an inspirational figure for millions of people around the world, showing that anything is possible if you set goals and work hard to achieve them.

Personal Running Offer

Take The Magic Step

 2 hours

480 Euro | 1 person

• Private running training for 1 person with Mrs Uta Pippig
• 6-10 km run on one of three selected routes
• Running technique analysis and advice
• Training questions and answers
• Nutritional advice after training
• On request and by arrangement: yoga and meditation
• Running series and information for regular runners
• Appointments in May and June 2024
• Arrangements with the ONO Spa team

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