Massages for pure well-being

Revitalize your body and mind with one of our diverse massages. Here you will find your inner balance again. Let yourself go and surrender to the trained hands of the masseurs of the spa's team. We know how to loosen your fascia and relax your muscles at the ONO Spa at The Mandala Hotel in Berlin. The massages and therapies combine the best far-eastern techniques and western knowledge. Choose from a variety of classic massages with different focal points. A feeling of deep relaxation is guaranteed.

Gift vouchers for pure well-being

The luxurious ambiance and sleek design of the therapy rooms at the ONO Spa is ideal to escape from the hassles of Berlin-Mitte. Enjoy classic therapies such as the Lomi Lomi or Hot-Stone Massages. Do you prefer a bit of romance? Try on of our partner massages for you and a loved one in the Spa Suite with champagne, strawberries and chocolate. Surprise your partner with a gift voucher: One of our massage packages is sure to be a hit.

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Dynamic recreation back massage

from 90 Euro

 50 minutes

An invigorating back treatment with highly effective natural ingredients and a personalized massage. The combination of different techniques are looking for tension in the back muscles and improve the spinal dynamics. Experience a lasting deep relaxation for your back.

Lomi Lomi Massage

from 148 Euro

 80 minutes

Detachment, relaxation and comfort! The peculiarity of the effect arises from the synergy of special massage techniques, stretching and the use of warm herbal oils. The Lomi is the queen of massages - brings you into inner centering and creates a deep sense of balance and harmony.

Revitalizing and firming abdomen treatment

from 90 Euro

 50 minutes

This efficient tummy toning program has a central firming effect and helps to block the abdomen. By stimulating the abdominal area, the skin tension improves, the middle of the body has a streamlined effect.

Sport & vitality body massage

from 48 Euro

 25 or 50 minutes

Especially for relaxation of tension after sports activities and for maximum support of muscular regeneration. Improves performance. Vitalises the tired body.

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