The perfect breakfast


Nathalie Grüneberger

Our breakfast tips in Berlin for Berliners and visitors. Have breakfast like an emperor, lunch like a king, dinner like a beggar. This food rule of thumb is not in vain, because breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

A never ever ending love story

A girl's dream in pink is the breakfast restaurant "A never ending love story" in Kantstraße in Charlottenburg. The small but fine café prepares its food in a very loving way and there are always fresh flowers on the table. Then you can ignore the fact that you have to wait a bit longer for your placement, because reservations are unfortunately not possible. The pancakes with different toppings and the breads with scrambled eggs and avocado are definitely worth the wait.

What do you fancy love?

Only a few streets away from "A never ending love story" is the "What do you fancy love?" In Knesebeckstraße. What they have in common: The names of the premises suggest it already, because both are led by the same operators, the brothers Ritchie and Giacomo. The difference: Here you order their delicious bagels and homemade cakes at the counter, either for take away or to dine in.

House of small wonder

As an overseas offshoot of the "House of small wonder" which opened in Williamsburg (Brooklyn) in 2010, you can find it on Johannisstraße in Berlin Mitte since the end of 2014. They brought us an exceptional taste experiences for brunch and for all day long. The Japanese touch is reflected not only in the interior - a spiral staircase lined with plants takes you to the restaurant with its many cozy wooden elements - but also to the food itself, because whenever possible, the dishes are mixed with Japanese spices. Incidentally, why the café is so called is explained by the operators: "Because every day is not about the big wonders, it's about the little wonders that make things just a little more pleasant."


The "Benedict" in Uhlandstraße is all about breakfast 24/7. This is underpinned by a friendly "Good morning" - even if you appear only in the afternoon. The fancy concept came from two Tel Aviv business partners, both of whom were busy in the nightlife and were tired of missing breakfast if they got up late. Their solution was the 24-hour breakfast restaurant "Benedict", which combines their passion for food and travel, because with "Benedict" you can once feast around the whole world. Incidentally, the Berlin branch, which opened just a few years ago, is the first outside of Israel and named after the founders' favorite egg creation.


Last but not least, we can recommend the "SETs" in the Schlüterstraße, which, with its almost 10 years, is almost an institution in the breakfast sky of Berlin. It stands for sitting, eating, drinking and delights with its great, homemade products - especially the crispy sourdough bread.