At the heart of a modern and historical city

The Mandala Hotel sits right on the junction between former East and West Berlin, as the Berlin Wall used to run right through Potsdamer Platz and up to the famous Brandenburg Gate, a short walk away, where nowadays you can find the Holocaust Memorial. The famous Checkpoint Charlie is just a ride away on the urban metro system. In Potsdamer Platz itself you will find a stunning glass shopping arcade, one of the best shopping spots in Berlin, and a huge variety of restaurants and bars are clustered around the square. All this makes our hotel an ideal base for visiting the city.

Initially, Potsdamer Platz was an intersection located in the centre of Berlin with the first traffic lights ever installed. But within the years it became Europe’s most busy traffic hub, home to culture, entertainment and shopping.

Due to its destruction during the Second World War the government of Berlin announced a design competition to find an architectural company for the planned rebuilding of the entire Potsdamer Platz.

Italian architect Renzo Piano, who proposed the winning masterplan, and a team of international architects like Richard Rogers, Hans Kollhoff, Rafael Moneo, Arata Isozaki, Ulrike Lauber and Wolfram Wöhr were responsible for the urban renewal. As a result, Potsdamer Platz became Europe’s largest construction site and developed to one of the most famous and exhilarating venues in Europe with approximately 100.000 visitors every weekend.

Since 1999 this famous Berlin square is the home of our The Mandala Hotel - we are proud to be a continous part of its steady development.