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"We can and we care" is our motto

Start your career at the only privately owned and operated 5-star-hotel in Berlin.


We stand in for continuing education and strive to promote the individual talents of all members of our team.

Excellent cuisine

All team members get a discount of 50% for all food and drinks at the QIU Bar and Restaurant.

Stay at Design Hotels

Team members have access to special rooms rates of participating Design Hotels worldwide.

Mandala Academy

The Mandala Academy offers training courses in various fields throughout the year.

Food & Drinks

Complimentary food and drinks in the staff lounge. Including fresh fruits and salads.

Connection to public transport

Easily reachable at Potsdamer Platz with U-Bahn, S-Bahn and via bus.


Having fun at work together with a great motivated team in a 5 star hotel.

Creativity at work

Every member of our team is encouraged to share new ideas to make The Mandala Experience tanglible to our guests.

Premium Card

The Premium Card offers a discount of 10% at many shops and restaurants on Potsdamer Platz.

Events for team members

Fun and games for every member of our team during the annual Mandala summer party and during smaller department events.


All members of staff receive a 20% discount on massages and therapies at the ONO Spa.

Be a guest for one night

Be a guest at The Mandala Hotel for one night. Every new member of our team is invited to experience the hotel themselves.

Success stories

Dimitrij Zakharchuk - Front Office Manager

Dimitrij Zakharchuk

Rooms Division Manager

Since when do you work for The Mandala Hotel?
Since 15 November 2016. I already worked here from 2007 to 2011.

Why work for The Mandala Hotel?
I completed my apprenticeship in hospitality at The Mandala. The decision to come back was very easy for me, as I remembered The Mandala only positively and the training here gave me a lot of fun. Here I was able to "grown up". The Mandala helped me a lot in Germany - thank you very much! Moreover, as fate wanted, the job I was interested in had become free.

How was your career at The Mandala Hotel?
In 2007, I came to Berlin without German knowledge and got a job as a houseman. After, about one year later, the management approached me and offered me an apprenticeship in hospitality, which I successfully completed in 2010. Then I got a job as a receptionist. After that, however, I moved to other hotels for a few years, where I gained a lot of experience. In 2016 I took up the position of Assistant Front Office Manager at The Mandala Hotel, in February 2018 I was promoted to Front Office Manager and in February 2020 to Rooms Division Manager.

What do you enjoy most about your profession?
Develop new ideas, which help to enthusiast our guest and improves the optimization of our work process and of course the guest contact.

What is your goal?
Grow in the position of Rooms Division Manager and continue to enjoy my work and achieve the company's goals with the help of my great motivated team.

Apprenticeships at The Mandala Hotel

Apprentices of The Mandala Hotel talk about their experiences

This is you

  • Happy and satisfied with a successfully completed high-school diploma
  • Dependable, motivated and energetic
  • You enjoy working in a team
  • Communicative and organized
  • Curious with a passion for learning
  • You are a natural and charismatic host

What can you expect?

  • An exciting three year apprenticeship
  • A familiar and dedicated team
  • Professional training sessions
  • Flexible work schedule
  • The opportunity to realize your own ideas


  • We are a hard-working team
  • We are strong
  • We can create unforgettable moments
  • We will make your apprenticeship a success
  • We will help you reach your goals
Chef at The Mandala HotelChef at The Mandala Hotel


You are a creative, passionate person with a desire to let yourself be inspired

As a natural born chef you can stay cool under pressure - no matter if you are preparing food a la carte or a la menu, or even for large events. You are happy to take on any challenge and you take every experience to grow as a person and in your profession. You can learn to keep an overview in busy situations, are communicative and know how to work in a creative environment.

Cosmetic therapist at The Mandala HotelCosmetic therapist at The Mandala Hotel


You have a gentle and sensitive handling of guests and have manual skill

You love to pamper people with great sensitivity and professionalism. You have the ability to handle customers with care and sensitivity. You will learn to plan and implement decorative measures all over the body, taking into account the type of customer and current trends. In the context of cosmetic applications, you will learn important nutritional advice and make individual health promotion suggestions.

Trainee at The Mandala HotelTrainee at The Mandala Hotel


You are flexible, you are motivated and you are a born host

You are the born host. The attention to detail, be it food, the perfect wine or the carefully laid table. You are proud of your surroundings. You love to spoil your guests. The combination of culinary delights, quality drinks, excellent service and dealing with numbers - that's your world.

Hotel training at The Mandala HotelHotel training at The Mandala Hotel

Hospitality Specialist

You love the variety, show organizational talent and do not let you stress so quickly

Your second name is Allrounder. You love the variety - no matter whether commercial understanding, the joy of organizing, negotiating with customers, working in a team - you look forward to every task and face every challenge. What sets you apart is your friendly and attentive approach to other people.No matter if early in the morning or late in the evening, you are just bursting with motivation and professionalism. At the service or at the reception - you feel comfortable everywhere and play with your ability to put things into action right away, while giving your best smile to the guest. In housekeeping you have a good eye for details. Hygiene in the kitchen, as well as technology and teamwork are your words. You juggle numbers in bookkeeping and purchasing, while you convince sales, marketing, and reservations, and your creativity knows no bounds.

Hotel administrator at the Mandala HotelHotel administrator at the Mandala Hotel

Hotel Clerk

You love variety, have a talent for staying organized, and keep cool under pressure

"Allrounder" is your second name. You love variety in your daily tasks: The joy of keeping things organized, bartering with clients, working in a team. You look forward to every task and always look forward to new challenges. What sets you apart is your friendly and courteous demeanor.

Winner of the Creative Cup 2019 "Future for us" Berlin Brandenburg

Congratulations to our apprentices for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place at this year's Creative Cup.

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