Our apprentices – Creative Cup 2018


Nathalie Conrad

The Mandala Hotel regulary offers trainings for all their apprentices, so they can successfully start their professional lives.

The Creative Cup is an annual youth championship for chefs, restaurant and hotel professionals. The young talents of the 2nd and 3rd year can show what they have learned in their training companies and at school. The championship is not only an optimal preparation for the final exam, but also an excellent preparation for the Achenbach Prize for cooks and the German Youth Championship, as well as the Bitburger Cup for the service professionals.

This year we sent three trainees of hotel management into the race. - Ms. Charlotte von Keller, Ms. Lisa-Marie Malchow and Mr. Sergejs Kitajevs. Together with our training manager, they learned a lot about drinks and meals, as well as service and hygiene. Of course, we offer these classes to all of our apprentices at The Mandala Hotel. Therefore, we initiated The Mandala Academy, which is especially designed for our young talents. We give all of our career starters the opportunity to learn as much as possible, because we want to encourage our talents and that's what we do!

This year's theme of the Creative Cup was: "Regional, seasonal, sustainable." The chefs used convenience foods and non-pretreated foods to create a multi-course meal. The task of the restaurant and hotel staff was to serve the delicious meals on festively decorated tables.

In order to even get the chance to participate in the Creative Cup, our talents had to prove their skills in a first round. They had to take a theoretical examination about:

  • Identification of goods
  • Recognition of work equipment
  • Theoretical examination (answering questions about foods and beverages)

In the second round, the final of the Creative Cup, the following tasks had to be completed:

  • A practical sample of their work (making a cheese specialty),
  • Setting the table for a 6-course menu for 6 persons, including festive decoration
  • A professional sales talk, as well as the preparation of an aperitif for 4 people as per specification
  • Service of a 6-course meal for 6 persons including preparation of the soup at the guest table according to the recipe
  • Decanting red wine
  • Carving the main course
  • Flambéing fruit to the cheese course, as well as English and French service

Our apprentices were truly challenged and mastered the tasks brilliantly! Ms. von Keller, Ms. Malchow and Mr. Kitajevs took 1st & 2nd and 4th place this year.
We are very proud of all our apprentices and are happy to be part of their professional success story!

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