Introducing our new spa partner Team Dr Joseph


Team Dr Joseph is a family-run company from South Tyrol, whose beginnings run its course almost 40 years ago.

Introducing our new spa partner Team Dr Joseph

After we took you on a tour through our new ONO Spa in our last blog post, it is now time to present our new partner for face and body cosmetics. The regular guests among you will surely have noticed that with the opening of our ONO Spa a new brand has been introduced, with which we are now exclusively allowed to cooperate as the only hotel spa in Berlin. These are the products of Team Dr Joseph and Vitalis Dr Joseph.

A family business from South Tyrol

Team Dr Joseph is a family-run company from South Tyrol, whose beginnings run its course almost 40 years ago. At that time, young Joseph, the name giver of the brand, had a sports accident and as a result, he was looking for an effective but natural remedy to avoid an operation. He was right on target with this approach, because as it would later turn out, natural products would become a real hype. Joseph was ahead of the trend and a pioneer in his field. In the meantime, he now acts as Team Dr Joseph with his daughter and his two sons, developing products for the face under the name Team Dr Joseph and products for the body under Vitalis Dr Joseph.

Best product conditions

You often only get the optimal product when you combine the best of two different worlds, and because we couldn't capture it better in a nutshell, we would like to quote Team Dr Joseph at this point:

"Two worlds meet in our products: folk medicine meets the latest scientific knowledge, purest substances meet the finest technology and the genius of nature meets highly developed know-how. For us, quality means combining these two worlds into harmonious and synergetic products in respect for the natural balance of the skin. That is why you will find high-tech natural cosmetics in every pack from Team Dr Joseph."

In everything they do and say, there is always a touch of reverence for nature, and one believes them without a doubt that they place the highest value on purity, quality and sustainable cultivation of the plants when selecting their resources. Only plants from their respective countries of origin are picked, which were harvested at their botanical peak, so that they can develop their maximum effect.

The key to success

Their holistic approach is also an essential part of the brand's success, because Team Dr Joseph/ Vitalis Dr Joseph has thought about individual treatment procedures that are specially adapted to the products, as, for example, cupping glasses or a lymph-stimulating massage greatly increases the effectiveness of the natural products. Our spa therapists, too, were trained accordingly by Team Dr Joseph in South Tyrol before the reopening of the spa and they are therefore familiar with these special practices, so that you can enjoy these small ceremonies during our cosmetic treatments and massages. The "effective back" treatment is particularly popular with our spa guests here.

Why Team Dr Joseph for our ONO Spa?

In the run-up to the project, our managing directors, Lutz Hesse & Christian Andresen, have given a lot of thought to the selection of our new spa products. They had samples of world-famous spa product manufacturers sent to them again and again and finally they found the ideal partner in Team Dr Joseph/ Vitalis Dr Joseph, as they stand for those principles which also run our hotel:

1. The company is family-managed, i.e. you meet at eye level
2. The quality of the products is outstanding and the overall concept is completely convincing.
3. We can identify with their values, because profit is not the main focus, but quality.