Manufactory shops - handmade in Berlin


At The Mandala Hotel, we value individuality and quality rather than quantity. Read here our recommendation for manufacturing companies in Berlin.

As you may have learned for yourself, at The Mandala Hotel we focus on individuality and quality rather than quantity, to meet the needs of our guests in a unique way. For this reason, we also work with smaller and regional manufactories that we know share our way of thinking. For example, the lemonades from our minibar come from the Berlin-based "Proviant", at our rooms and suites we provide cosmetic products from  "I + M", the cheeses for our FACIL restaurant are from "Maître Philippe et Filles" and the refined and unusual ones plates are from Stefanie Hering. We have already introduced some of these factories to you in previous blog articles. Basically, we find that Berlin has already produced a large number of unmistakable manufacturing companies, of which we would like to introduce a few in more detail here.

​​​​​​​Hering Berlin

We just mentioned, our restaurant works very closely with the porcelain designer Stefanie Hering in Berlin. Since our FACIL is known for its 2-star gourmet meal, this of course can not be served on a run-of-the-mill plate. It is not without good reason that Stefanie Hering herself says: "What is on the plate must be ingenious in taste and craft. So it's a good thing that Stefanie Hering's fine porcelain is anything but ordinary. Since 1992, she has breathed new life into this traditional material, giving it, contrary to all expectations, elegant and puristic forms. Hering Berlin was just recently awarded the "German Design Award" in 2014. Incidentally, in our restaurant FACIL there are pieces from the series Velvet & Cielo. The latter have a distinctive and hand-embossed pattern of holes.

LJ Lamps

LJ Lamps is a young Berlin design workshop that has been producing hanging lamps, table lamps and candlesticks made of concrete, wood and brass since 2014. These simple materials create wonderfully simple and timelessly elegant unique pieces, because each piece is of course made by hand and even special requests are considered. LJ stands for the two founders, Frank Lenhart and Sascha Janowsky, who started designing lamps and furniture for their own home.


"One wears a piece of clothing, but one wears a shoe." True to this motto, Simon Schäfer and Mike Kosel produce not only beautiful shoes in their workshop "Meisterschuh" in Kreuzberg, but also extremely comfortable. Thus, after 30 to 40 hours of work, including model production, the perfect determination of shoe size and footbed is achieved, which promotes the correct position of the foot and healthier walking and thus also has an orthopedic background, your individual pair of shoes. That orthopedics and beauty in the shoe are compatible, is also due to the high-quality and naturally tanned leathers used by the master craftsman. From the sandalette to the businness shoe, you can order everything and even look over the shoulders of the "Meisterschuh" team thanks to an open Sow factory. In addition to shoes, Meisterschuh also produces hand-sewn bags, belts, purses and key cases.

Quite Quiet

No shoemakers, but the founders of the Berlin jewelry label "Quite Quiet" are Johanna Schoemaker and Jonas Buck. With their jewelery brand, the goldsmith and the product designer combine traditional craftsmanship with modern manufacturing techniques and select their materials very carefully. Therefore, they create their creations only from certified and traceable faitrade gold, recycled silver, sustainable beads, lab grown gems, vegetable tanned leather and high performance ceramics. In "Quite Quiet", you can buy the fancy rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings accordingly good conscience.

Auerbach Berlin

The gentleman-makers of Berlin, that is Jan-Henrik Maria Scheper-Stuke and Günther H. Stelly, managing director and designer of Auerbach Berlin. In their art deco studio in the Hackesche Höfe in Berlin, since 2015, they have been bringing new impetus to the world of noble men's accessories, such as ties, bows, handkerchiefs, scarves etc., and are also repairing their favorite pieces in their so-called "tie hospital". The creation of hand-sewn accessories can be personally followed in the glass factory of Auerbach Berlin, whereby the production of a tie takes about 30 minutes. The buyers of Auerbach Berlin include for example Joachim Gauck, Sigmar Gabriel, Joko Winterscheidt and Jan Hofer.