Graffiti, photography & Co. - art in Berlin


Nowadays, we do not only find art in museums, but also the streets of Berlin have a lot to offer.

After the reunification of Germany everything was embellished – East Side Gallery Berlin

With a length of 1,316 meters, the open-air art exhibit near the spree river on the Berlin Wall is currently the largest of the world. The Berlin Wall separated East and West Germany from 1961 – 1990. The fall of the Wall was a joyous event and many families were reunited. Today, the Wall is a memorial with 101 large pictures, which were painted by artists from all over the world for a free exhibition in the open air.

Art for everyone – Urban Nation in Berlin

On their website, it is advertised as „the museum, which should not exists“. It is a museum, where they do not present photographs and paintings, but graffiti. For many, graffiti is considered as a blemish of buildings and objects. In their exhibit, Urban Nation shows a complete different side of this kind of art. This year, Urban Nation runs under the motto “united”. Artists from all over the world are invited to design an area together. Graffiti and murals are part of Germany’s capital. So keep your eyes open, when you come to Berlin! By the way: the admission is free.

Photographs of world photographers – C/O Berlin

The small Amerika Haus with the label C/O Berlin is located at the Zoologischer Garten. It is an exhibition hall for photographers, where alternating exhibits of international photographers are presented. Irving Penn, Joel Meyerowitz, Torbjørn Rødland, Danny Lyon and many more. Furthermore, the website offers interesting blog posts, such as interviews with the artists and presentations about artistic events. We highly recommend it to you. The admission is around 15€.

360° art in Berlin – asisi Panorama

The Panorama Berlin is located close to Check Point Charlie on the Friedrichstraße, where a very special kind of art is displayed. The artist Yadegar Asisi demonstrates the everyday life in the 80s, when the Wall was still standing, at a height of 15 meters and with a perimeter of 60 meters. This 360° picture shows a divided city and different angles of the former GDR. Among others, the Moritzplatz. Punks in their occupied houses, the death strip and a clear border between East and West Berlin. Dramatic lights and music accentuate everything.

Photo gallery – Camera Work

Camera Work opened in 2012 in a former Jewish girls’ school on Kantstraße in Berlin. The gallery shows a variety of contemporary artworks such as photographs, paintings and sculptures. There is an ongoing exhibition “Made in Berlin”, showing around 100 photographs of 20 artists dealing with work in Berlin. Michaela Weber features her pictures on the subject of “the worldwide change of the original living environment”. Camera Work is definitely worth a visit and the entry is free.