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The notion of Sight Running is self-explanatory - you watch sights in jog mode. In our opinion, the provider Go! Running Tours is the best address in Berlin.

A unique running experience with Go! Running Tours

It’s that time of year again: Due to the Berlin marathon at the end of September, we are looking forward to a very dynamic month. If you have missed the registration deadline, you do not have to be annoyed, because Go! Running Tours enables to run your own personal, small marathon- all year round and with a higher fun factor. How? Quite simple - we all know that Berlin has a lot of attractions to offer- too many to discover everything within a very short time, unless you switch gears and try Sight Running with Go! Running Tours.

The notion of Sight Running is actually self-explanatory- you watch sights in jog mode. In our opinion, the provider Go! Running Tours is the best address in Berlin. The company was founded by Lena in her hometown Copenhagen in 2011, when she daydreamed and imagined how she would show her hometown to visitors- namely in the same way how she is exploring interesting places- running. Meanwhile, you can go Sight Running in over 50 destinations around the world, e.g. also in Reykjavik, Toronto, Buenos Aires, Jerusalem & Sydney. Each destination has its own city manager, who knows the city and runs the tours several times a day.

May we introduce you to Stephen?

Stephen is city manager in Berlin and therefore your running guide at our capital. He is a native Irishman, which is why the tours are in English. But, Stephen has been calling Berlin his home for several years and knows the city like the back of his hand. Of course, he is a passionate runner and has already finished some marathons. His personal highlight is the 5th place at the Oslo Marathon in 2015, which he ran in 2 hours and 32 minutes. However, you do not have to worry about him running away, because he adapts his running pace individually to yours and entertains you with interesting anecdotes about the surrounding area in a very sympathetic way.

Where are you going?

You can choose from 5 possible routes. These are called "Berlin Essential", "Berlin Beyond The Wall", "Heart of Berlin", "Berlin Sensational Street Art" & "East to West Berlin XL" and have a length of 7, 10, 12 & 24 km. This gives you the opportunity to get to know the history of the city without setting foot in a museum. Also Berlin’s hip districts with their cool restaurant and bar scene won’t remain hidden.

Recently, Go! Running Tours also offers so-called corporate running tours in addition to its sight-running tours, thereby focusing on an underestimated target group. After all, many business travelers have the feeling of spending several days in a foreign city, seeing nothing but the airport, the inside of a taxi, the hotel room, and the meeting rooms. Thanks to the new offer of Go! Running Tours, businessmen and women are given the chance to experience the city during a quick run and tune out the hustle and bustle of the business world for a moment.

For our hotel guests, Stephen can even set the start and finish point of his route at our hotel. On top of that, you get a 10% discount on tours on the website of Go! Running Tours with the code MANDALA10 (https://gorunningtours.com/p/germany/berlin/).

The environmentally conscious tourist

By the way, it’s a dream of Go! Running Tours, if one day there were more Sightseeing Tours than Sightseeing Bus Tours, because that would be much better for the environment, the cities themselves and the health of the people. We also think this would be great and that’s why we join Stephen in saying: "Happy running!"