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Welcome to The Mandala Hotel, the only privately managed 5 star superior hotel in Berlin,offering the most spacious rooms in the German capital, as well as the Michelin-starred restaurant FACIL, the premium ONO Spa, the QIU Restaurant & Bar and modern meeting rooms just in the city centre.

Beside mass confection The Mandala Hotel offers an interesting alternative to other Design- and luxury hotels in Berlin. It has committed itself to an extraordinary high standard which is different in regards to style and form from other high class hotels in Berlin. Located directly at Potsdamer Platz we are not only a pure luxury- or design hotel but our objective is also to offer our guests an unforgettable stay which they will keep in mind beyond. The Mandala Hotel in Berlin is a remarkable place directly situated in the centre of Berlin providing its guests with a unique and at the same time markedly luxurious full-service in all different room categories. The style and high end materials of this Berlin boutique hotel can easily compete with international standards.Visit us and enjoy an exceedingly stay.