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January 2012

Dates: From 5/1/2015 to 5/3/2015

Event: Gallery Weekend Berlin

The Gallery Weekend Berlin is one of the leading events for contemporary art in Germany.

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Dates: From 5/1/2015 to 5/17/2015

Event: Berlin Theater Festival

The most important German Theater Festival.

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Dates: From 5/17/2015 to 5/17/2015

Event: International Museum Day

On May 17th the museums in Germany will celebrate the 38th International Museum Day.

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Dates: From 5/20/2015 to 5/21/2015

Event: new event

Dates: From 5/22/2015 to 5/25/2015

Event: Carnival of Cultures

Several groups of different nationalities with over 5000 participants is offered by the Karneval of Cultures. Driving carriages with music and acrobats are welcoming all guests to participate, celebrate and dance.

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Dates: From 5/23/2015 to 5/23/2015

Event: Formel E Race

On Tempelhofer Feld the first car race, since the closure of the old race track, is taking place on Berlin ground. The specialties are the entirely electric motorsport cars, that race with up to 272 hp over the former take-off and landing lanes.

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Dates: From 5/29/2015 to 5/31/2015

Event: Berlin Festival

The Berlin Festival is a highlight of the Berlin event calendar, with numerous gigs of international top acts.

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Dates: From 5/29/2015 to 6/6/2015

Event: Youth Theatre Gathering

Striking productions of young and new ensembles, which are already awarded, are on stage during the youth theater gathering at the Haus der Berliner Festspiele.

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Dates: From 5/30/2015 to 5/30/2015

Event: DFB-Pokal Final

One of the most important finals for the German soccer trophy is being played every year at the Olympiastadtion Berlin. Already in the semi-finals are FC Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, Arminia Bielefeld and VfL Wolfsburg.

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Dates: From 5/31/2015 to 6/5/2015

Event: ILA Berlin Airshow

During the aviation exhibition ILA Berlin Air Show the newest technical equipments and technologies are being presented. Over 1000 exhibitors are informing around 230,000 spectators and also an interesting air show is on schedule.

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Dates: From 5/31/2015 to 5/31/2015

Event: Velothon: Marathon for Bicycles

All participants of this bicycle race will be enjoying the spectacular scenery of the closed race track through Berlin. It leads passed the major sights and you can choose between participating a 60 km or a 120 km track, including a small trip to the Brandenburg suburbs.

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Dates: From 6/6/2015 to 6/6/2015

Event: Champions League Final

This year the Champions Leage final is coming to Berlin. The two best male soccer teams of Europe are confronting each other in June.

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Dates: From 6/10/2015 to 6/12/2015

Event: Capitol Congress for Medical Well-Being

The focus on this year’s capitol congress medicine and well-being is on the digitalization of medicine and big data. What is the use of it and which influence does it have? These are only some of the questions being discussed during these days.

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Dates: From 6/11/2015 to 6/14/2015

Event: International Design Festival

Contemporary product design will be exhibited at the DMY Berlin. Young designers present new products and prototypes.

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Dates: From 6/13/2015 to 6/13/2015

Event: All Nations Festival (get to know diplomacy

This is an event for the ones, who always wanted to discover what is behind the curtains of embassies and cultural institutes. You will be taken on a world trip through Berlin.

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Dates: From 6/13/2015 to 6/13/2015

Event: Long Night of Sciences

Science locations from Berlin and Potsdam are inviting to a great discovery tour through science and research. Otherwise not open laboratories, archives and libraries will be opening their doors.

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Dates: From 6/14/2015 to 6/14/2015

Event: Bicycle Star Ride

A demonstration in a different style is discovered in Berlin in the frame of a star ride. Several thousand bikers will be protesting for better bicycle driving conditions.

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Dates: From 6/19/2015 to 6/19/2015

Event: German Film Price

The greatest award for German cinematography is being distributed since 2006 at the Funkturm in Berlin. The best German actors and producers are being awarded here.

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Dates: From 6/19/2015 to 7/19/2015

Event: German - French Community Festival

France in the center of Berlin can be discovered during June and July. Around 150 carneys are attracting with live music, French specialties and are inviting to the French community.

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Dates: From 6/20/2015 to 6/21/2015

Event: Lesbian - Gay City Festival

From early till late the gay and lesbian city festival is taking place at the most famous party place of Berlin. An attractive entertainment program sums up an exciting event.

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Dates: From 6/21/2015 to 6/21/2015

Event: Stateopera for everyone

With the state opera for everyone, the state chapel Berlin wants to show the broad audience its repertoire of music. The openair event convinces with excellent shows and an exciting entertainment program.

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Dates: From 6/21/2015 to 6/21/2015

Event: Fête de la Musique

Berlin celebrates on more than 100 stages and in numerous streets of the city the yearly festival called Fête de la Musique. Many musicians are working voluntarily; anyone can join and turn Berlin into a dance festival.

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Dates: From 6/24/2015 to 5/26/2015

Event: Queen visit in Berlin

Berlin is expecting Queen Elizabeth II. of England together with her husband Prince Philip for a small visit of the German capitol. She will be meeting Federal President Joachim Gauck.

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Dates: From 6/25/2015 to 7/12/2015

Event: Foreign Affaires Festival

Contemporary Art in the fields of theatre, dance, performance, art, music and film will be shown during the festival called Berliner Festspiele. It’s the fourth time that artists will be welcomed to Berlin.

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Dates: From 6/26/2015 to 6/28/2015

Event: Bergmannstreet Festival

The Bergmann street festival is cult. All generations stroll side by side through a colorful mixture of jazz, music and culture. The culinary program is another eye catcher during these days.

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Dates: From 6/27/2015 to 6/27/2015

Event: Christopher Street Day Parade

On Christopher Street Day thousands are fighting for the rights of gays, lesbians, transsexuals, transgenders, inter- and bisexuals. They are celebrating and want to point out their existence.

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Dates: From 7/2/2015 to 7/6/2015

Event: Classic Openair

Surrounded by unique ambiance – on the beautiful and traditional Gendarmenmarkt in center of Berlin – five evenings in July will be dedicated to classical and modern melodies under the open air. These evenings will be adjoined by spectacular light shows and exciting celebrations.

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Dates: From 7/3/2015 to 7/5/2015

Event: Youth Expo You

At the You adolescents can inform themselves about lifestyle, education, sports and music. The exhibition is a varied mix of interactive participations, shows, workshops and competitions.

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Dates: From 7/5/2015 to 7/5/2015

Event: Openair Gallery

More than 100 artists are presenting their creations, starting from paintings over graphics until collages and sculptures, on the Oberbaumbrücke in Berlin. The bridge will be closed for public traffic. A unique ambience and a place for encounter will be created in this way.

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Dates: From 7/6/2015 to 7/16/2015

Event: Berlin Fashion Week

Every year the international fashion scene is making a stop in Berlin to showcase their newest creations and drafts. Also aside of the catwalk you can find a great variety of events around clothing.

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Dates: From 7/7/2015 to 7/9/2015

Event: Bread & Butter

The exhibition Bread & Butter presents street- and urban-wear in a very special location: The closed down airport Tempelhof. An exceptional showroom for function wear, casual dressed up, sportswear and street fashion.

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Dates: From 7/17/2015 to 8/9/2015

Event: Wassermusik - The Water Openair Festival

Every year under a different slogan, the water summer open air festival is just another highlight in the event calendar.

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Dates: From 7/18/2015 to 7/18/2015

Event: Botanical Night

The botanical garden welcomes its guests once in a year during night time with a good mixture of entertainment through dance, music, comedy and garden theatre. A big firework rounds up the spectacle in gorgeous scenery.

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Dates: From 7/25/2015 to 7/25/2015

Event: Vattenfall City Night

The summer night run, on the usually fast paced Kurfürstendamm, transforms the beautiful alley into an ocean of skaters, runners, power walkers and wheel chair drivers. An appealing framework program supported by music and dance promise an exciting experience.

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Dates: From 8/6/2015 to 8/6/2015

Event: Young Euro Classic

Youth symphony orchestras from all around the world are welcomed at the concert house Berlin at Gendarmenmarkt. You can benefit from classical music with own interpretations and a unique repertoire.

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Dates: From 8/29/2015 to 8/29/2015

Event: Long Night of Museums

Night at the museum – this is possible once a year in Berlin. Over a hundred exhibition locations and museums open their doors to provide their guests unique insights. An individual program and special tours transform this experience into something truly magical.

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Dates: From 8/29/2015 to 8/30/2015

Event: Open Day of Federal Government

The department of the Federal Chancellor, the Public Relations and Information Department as well as many other political institutions can be discovered during this day. You can visit politicians, listen to presentations and discuss interesting political topics.

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Dates: From 9/2/2015 to 9/18/2015

Event: Berlin glows

This light festival lights up historical buildings as well as seven train stations and even a train itself. There are also tours planned, which will lead the audience to the illuminated sights.

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Dates: From 9/2/2015 to 9/21/2015

Event: Musicfestival Berlin

The „Musikfest“ is Berlins biggest festival for orchestras. Around 30 events with over 75 creations from 24 componists are waiting for its visitors. During these days you can discover world famous orchestra and chamber musicals as well as contemporary music.

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Dates: From 9/4/2015 to 9/9/2015

Event: IFA: International Consumer Electronics

Experts and an interested audiance will be present during the International Radio Exhibition IFA. The worldwide biggest exhibition for Consumer Electronics and Home Appliances presents techniques of the next generation.

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Dates: From 9/4/2015 to 9/5/2015

Event: Pyronale

On the Maifeld the best pyrotechnicians meet every year together with international teams to light up the sky in the greatest variation of colours. The jury decides afterwards, which presentation will win the valuable trophy.

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Dates: From 9/4/2015 to 9/14/2015

Event: Jewish Culture Days

Experience the Jewish culture in its entire variety – this is the promise of the Jewish cultural days. Besides musical performances there will be presentations, public church services and a great festival of cultures.

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Dates: From 9/6/2015 to 9/6/2015

Event: ISTAF: International Stadium Festival

One of the biggest one day athletics meetings is offered by the ISTAF every year. Around 200 of the world’s best athletes gather and compete in 16 official disciplines. More than 50’000 spectators are expected at the Olympiastadion in Berlin.

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Dates: From 9/9/2015 to 9/19/2015

Event: International Literature Festival

New Findings in the literature scene are meeting old traditions. Together they present the literary variety of contemporary prose and lyrics from all over the world.

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Dates: From 9/15/2015 to 9/20/2015

Event: Berlin Art Week

International artists, gallerists and collectors are meeting in the frame of Berlin Art Week. Art, culture and expressive exhibitions invite to an interesting gathering all around the art of Germanys capitol.

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Dates: From 9/24/2015 to 9/25/2015

Event: U2 Concert

The rock legends U2 will be stopping on their world tour and hold two concerts in the O2 World Arena in Berlin. Besides world known hits, the band with lead singer Bono will also perform novelties from their successful album “Songs of Innocence”.

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Dates: From 9/25/2015 to 9/25/2015

Event: Goldene Henne

The Goldene Henne reminds of the German actress Helga „Henne“ Hahnemann and is a price that is distributed by the magazine Superillu, the MDR and the RBB. There are different prices such as the audience price for the “Climber of the year”.

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Dates: From 9/26/2015 to 9/27/2015

Event: Berlin Marathon

The Berlin Marathon attracts more than 40‘000 participants from more than 120 countries from all over the world. Die track leads through the entire city and is followed by numerous spectators throughout the whole way.

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Dates: From 9/28/2015 to 10/4/2015

Event: Berlin Food Week

The Food Week in Berlin already comes up for the second time with a program for hobby and professional cooks. The main focus is on regional and international cuisine, healthy eating, as well as sustainability and consumption.

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Dates: From 10/2/2015 to 10/4/2015

Event: Festival of German Unit

On the 25. Annual celebration of the Day of German Unity, a major festival is planned all around Brandenburger Tor. Three small stages, a ferries wheel and many more attractions will cater for an exceptional ambiance. Presentations and activities invite to rethink and relive the past history.

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Dates: From 10/6/2015 to 10/7/2015

Event: Bar Convent

At the international bar and drinks exhibition, merchants promote the newest products of their branches. The congress attracts with innovative products, drink compositions and unites bar owners and spirit producers.

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Dates: From 10/15/2015 to 10/18/2015

Event: Venus Berlin

The international exhibition for erotic, lifestyle and adult entertainment Venus expects more than 30\'000 visitors every year. 250 exhibitors from 40 different countries promote the newest product ideas and erotic toys as well as DVDs and clothing.

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Dates: From 10/16/2015 to 10/16/2015

Event: Jazz at Ministergärten

The best Jazz from all around Germany will be gathered at the Ministergärten for a musical experience which is very unique in its way.

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Dates: From 10/20/2015 to 10/23/2015

Event: German Orthopedy and Accident Congress

The German Orthopedics and Accident Congress invites with a broad framework of workshops and presentations about the main topics of mobility, autonomous living for older generations or backbone diseases and accidents.

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Dates: From 11/5/2015 to 11/8/2015

Event: Jazz Festival Berlin

The JazzFest Berlin builds the biggest final to every Jazz year – various locations such as the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche or the Akademie der Künste will be transformed into bustling stages.

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Dates: From 11/20/2015 to 11/21/2015

Event: Expolingua Berlin

25 countries and 150 exhibitors are offering a varied program all around languages. Information about language travels, internships abroad and tips for exchanges with your favorite country are just some of the topics offered.

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Dates: From 12/1/2015 to 12/3/2015

Event: German Congress of Perinatale Medicine

This year once again, the first time at the City Cube, a broad and spectacular offer around health and well-being of mother and children will be presented. You can furthermore expect subjects about pre- and postnatal spectrums.

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Dates: From 12/10/2015 to 12/13/2015

Event: Hippologica

Horse friends, riders and interested people are gathering for four days during this diversified show. Exceptional sport competitions and a broad variety of shopping possibilities sum up this event all around the horse.

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Dates: From 12/31/2015 to 12/31/2015

Event: Silvesterparty

Every year again a spectacular scenery. One of the worldwide biggest open air events is taking place at the Brandenburger Tor, the landmark of Germany. Live bands, huge fireworks and more than hundred thousand guests welcome the New Year on this party location.

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Dates: From 12/31/2015 to 12/31/2015

Event: Berlin Silvester Run

The last day of the year will be in the sign of sport again. At the so called Pancake-Run, different tracks for young and old, beginners and professionals will be offered.

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